Lavender Cottage is situated in a quiet secluded area of just under an acre of land, looking over towards a wood. The wood provides plenty of bird activity as well as squirrels for your cats inquisitive nature. While our guests watch the wild life or the in-house chickens, they will have plenty of toys to also entertain them.

I know how stressful it is to leave a loved one while you are away, so we have installed web-cams in some of the pens, so you can check on them 24/7.

At lavender Cottage we offer the following services:

  • Free Heating
  • Free, High quality food.
  • Comfy Beds, Toys and Scratch posts
  • Fully insured and Licensed
  • Individual Web Cams
  • Music/radio played during the day

All pens are built to the new requirements for the “CIEH –  model license conditions and guidance for cat boarding est 2013″(June 2016 revised)